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Apply for New Work Permit


According to the 41th clause of Law of Entry-Exit Management:

Non-Chinese person who works in China shall get the documents of work permit and residence permit legally. Any enterprises are not allowed to hire foreigners without work permit. Enterprises which have the needs to employ foreign employees must fulfill the conditions below:

     1.  Enterprise shall be set up legally, any criminal records are not allowed; The job that your foreign employees are engage in must for special needs, which means this job has no appropriate candidates in China currently. And salaries of the foreign employees should not be lower than the local minimum wage standard.

    2.  The provisions of the laws and regulations should be approved by the competent department of the industry and must be approved.

Foreign employees shall fulfill the conditions below:

    1. Older than 18 years old, health, and no criminal records, there are definite employment units in China, have professional skills or appropriate knowledge level for the job foreign employees are engage in.

    2.  This job shall fulfill the needs of the economic and society.

    3.  al development of our country and the urgent needs of the professionals in China.

Those are basic conditions, employees are divided into three types according to their skills and knowledge levels:

High-end Talents (A type)

Foreign high-end talents refers to those who meet the requirements of market demand, scientists and technology leaders, international entrepreneurs, special talents, etc., which is beneficial for the development of China’s economy and those who are qualified for foreign points based system. Foreign high-end talents would not be restricted by age, educational background and work experience.


Foreign professionals (B type)

Foreign professionals refers to meet the need of work guidance for foreigners in China and job demands in China,which is the much-needed talent beneficial for economic and social development of China, Foreign professionals should have bachelor's degree at least and 2 years or above related working experience, no more than 60 years old; Those who are innovative,skillful,excellent,suit for foreign points based system or delegated by government agreements,their restrictions of age,education background and work experience can be loosen relatively.



Other foreigners(C type)

Other foreigners refers to those who meet the needs of China’s labor market but like those two types above.


Foreigner who can fulfill the conditions above and get its work permit card can work and live legally in China.


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